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Otec | Greenbox Film studio


Strih hraného film, Slovensko 2009, 44 min.

Produkcia: VŠMU a Filmpark
Scenár a réžia: Lukáš Hanulák
Kamera: Ivo Miko
Strih: Pavol Palárik
Hudba: Irena a Vojtěch Havlovi
Zvuk: Milos Hanzely
Produkcia: Henrieta Cvangová
Hrajú: Štefan Kožka, Agnes Gubiková, Ivo Jurečka, Zuzana Šulajová,
Adam Hilek, Danica Matušová, Tomáš Mosný

O filme:
The question of life and death is an ineffable phrase, almost impossibe to grasp. People face it every second and it is always painful for someone. Even more, if you are a parent and you outlive your own child. Or if it is likely to happen. The film Otec (Father) is a spiritual drama about an ordinary man, who is losing his only child. The story tells us about useless conflicts in our lives, and shows the depth of human soul.

Najlepšía réžia hraného filmu ( Lukáš Hanulák ) a najlepší strih hraného filmu na 39. medzinárodnom filmovom festivale sehsÜchte 2010, Potsdam, Nemecko.